Japan on the cheap

hiroshima train
One of the first things that comes up, when I talk with people about my travel in Japan, is always; “But isn’t it super-expensive??” or “I wish I could go there, but it’s just too expensive!”

Well, guess what. Japan doesn’t have to be a luxury trip. Of course, it is a country where you can easily spend trice the budget you would usually have for travelling, or even more. But if you plan a bit ahead, gather some information and use your head – you can get by on a student’s budget (which is basically nothing ;)
Here are some tips on how to save money:

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Some Inspiration for Your Travels


Breakfast NY : Points Smart Sign, a tourism innovation

I find this a truly amazing innovation for tourism and wonder how no one has thought of this before!

Tourism Intelligence Agency TIA

Capture d’écran 2014-06-10 à 15.57.15Breakfast NY is a company creating innovative technology products. Its aim is to change how people interact with the web in the real world. It has created Points Smart Sign, an advanced directional sign. It shows what we can do, activities, shops available in the surroundings. This sign is regularly updated according to the time of the day. People can press on the buttons according to what they are looking for.

Mergim Vladaj
Cindy Voide
Martina Wiederkehr

Powerpoint presentation: Points Smart Sign


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DMO Bern, Switzerland





Join the HES-SO

As I wrote before, I am studying tourism in Switzerland. This is a short ad we made for our school. enjoy ^^ -Melissa



Hint Hunt – Will you get out in time?

Are you looking for some fun in London? Love playing games? Then this real-life escape game might just be for you!

In January, G and I went to London, and as G had her birthday just before we left, I decided to organize some activity for her as a present. The question was: what? She had been to London several times before, so she had already seen the most famous attractions, and just getting tickets for the London Eye seemed… – well too simple.

read on for what I got her instead